Hostess bars: Scam or not?



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Even if they are a little disappearing, hostess bars continue to intrigue many men. Whether they are looking for company or prostitutes, these men do not hesitate to cross the doors of these establishments with a sulphurous reputation. So, what about hostess bars? Scam or not? We tell you everything.

Yes, most hostess bars are scams

If the success of these bars of a particular kind could grow in an internet-deprived era, times are much harder today. Due to a particularly catastrophic word of mouth, the last hostess bars in Pigalle or rue St Denis close one after the other. And the reason is simple: too many customers have been scammed and they have all talked about it around them or on the internet. So much so that you have to be the last of the tourists to still hope for real encounters or sexual favors when you enter a hostess bar. The principle of these bars has always been the same. Women, more or less young, wait all evening for a customer to enter. When a man finally appears, their role is to make believe that something is possible with her but to make the flirtation phase last indefinitely. The owners of the bar, usually quite dissuasive, pass at regular intervals to take the orders for the girl and for the guy. Obviously, no map and no price are displayed anywhere. The ride continues like this until the customer gets impatient. The bill is then presented to him and it can be counted in thousands of euros. Guests who frequent hostess bars, however, may be aware of this operation. Some just come looking for affection, hugs, conversation… or just want to regain the feeling of flirting without cheating on their wife. At 150 € on average for a bottle it is nevertheless a little expensive the conversation …

Hostess bars that are not scams are… Illegal

French legislation is a big part of this. If ever the girls agreed to prostitute themselves from their hostess bar, it could be condemned and closed for pimping. Even if the owners and hostesses wanted it, they would therefore be forbidden to give in to the advances of the customers. So there is no need to hope for anything. The situation is different in other countries. In Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany… hostess bars can be brothels and sell sexual services legally. They are called puticlub in Spain or FKK in Germany and attract tourists from all over the world. In France hostess bars with real prostitutes exist but they are usually closed very quickly. Today we learned that a hostess bar in Le Havre had just been closed after the police discovered that sparkling wine worth €3 was sold for €200 but that its price included oral or manual relations with the hostesses.

What are the alternatives to hostess bars?

If you are looking for prostitutes or brothels, you will not find legal ones in France. You will therefore have to travel to neighbouring countries where this activity is legal. If you are simply looking for an booty call and do not want to pay for paid sexual services, then we advise you the booty call sites that offer to put you in touch with naughty and very sexually free girls. Our favorite is www. but www. or www. are also good alternatives.