Mykocam: the gay cam2cam in private

· Mykocam: the gay cam2cam in private


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Mykocam is one of the leaders in gay cam2cam sites. Free, Mykocam offers gay cam chats with professional or amateur models. Our gay editor Larry tested Mykocam and his cam chats and here is his opinion on this gay liveshow site of a new kind.

Mykocam: a qualitative cam2cam positioning

Among the gay cam2cam sites, Mykocam is positioned as one of the most qualitative with keumshow. By offering collective salons but also private rooms, Mykocam allows you to either attend sexy shows in groups or sexy face-to-face shows. This face-to-face gay cam2cam system is almost unique on the internet and allows us to quickly sympathize with the gay models present on the site or even to meet the models that make us fantasize. Because beyond a simple gay cam2cam site mykocam almost fulfills the role of gay dating site by allowing to maintain almost personal links with gay models with whom we discuss.

mykocam planning chat gay cam

On Mykocam the schedule allows you to book a private face-to-face chat with the model you like the most.

How does it work?

Site with a European vocation, www. offers gay cam chats with French, Spanish, Italian, British models… These models are regularly present on the site and provide a schedule of presence in advance. Based on this schedule you can either come to attend group webcam shows during which you can chat with mykocam models or book face-to-face cam chats with the model you like the most. It is this system of scheduling and face-to-face chat that has made the reputation of Mykocam. During private cam chats with mykocam models you can ask them what you want within the limits of their own taboos and respect due to everyone.

Mykocam models

In addition to its face-to-face gay chat cam system, the strength of Mykocam is the quality of its models. Recognized as one of the best gay cam2cam sites, Mykocam attracts the most attractive gay models on the market. Professionals or amateurs, mykocam models come to the site either to satisfy some of their fantasies exhibited or to make ends meet. But if most mykocam models exercise a profession other than that of webcam model, we also find on the site some recognized gay porn actors who come to communicate with their fans in group webcam or private cam2cam. In the end between amateurs and professionals mykocam models are among the sexiest of all gay cam sites that can be found on the internet.

Here is the list of Mykocam models connected at the moment. The list is updated in real time, if any of them please click on their photo to go directly to their chat.


Mykocam is free. However, if you wish, you can buy credits that will be used to give tips to mykocam models or to buy chat time in private cam2cam. By registering for free you will have free time to chat on the different mykocam chat rooms. If you want to have more time or reward the models that give you pleasure with generous tips these credits will be very useful. And if you want to flirt with a mykocam model it will even be essential.

How to flirt with a Mykocam model?

As we said, Mykocam is very strong at connecting models and chat customers who will eventually become booty calls. If you fall in love with a mykocam model you can book chat slots privately with him and talk face to face. During the private cam2cam you can ask him what you want and make him understand that he is not just one model among others for you. Do not hesitate to offer him generous tips so that he remembers you. A Mykocam model never accepts to meet a customer after a single private chat, so it will be necessary to resume several appointments with him to gradually create a link. And when you have talked enough with him you can naturally offer to see him outside of Mykocam to become a real booty call, not just an booty call in cam2cam.

Larry's opinion on Mykocam

Larry really enjoyed his appearances on Mykocam. Spending great times with mykocam models and even meeting one that has become a regular booty call Larry considered Mykocam not only as one of the best gay cam2cam sites but also as one of the best gay dating sites to easily find an booty call. If you are looking for a good gay cam2cam site then do not hesitate, go to

Mykodial – the gay dating site

If you want to meet people other than by webcam, the same group that owns Mykocam has launched Mykodial and made it a reference to gay dating on the internet. Especially effective for gay booty calls, is a site with free registration and advanced features to allow everyone, wherever they are on French territory and even Belgian or Swiss to meet young men who are looking for the same thing as him.  In the world of gay dating sites Mykodial has quickly made a name for itself and is today the reference of French-speaking gay dating sites, for booty calls and even for serious meetings.

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