The 10 Best Sex Video Games and Porn Games in March 2024

· The 10 Best Sex Video Games and Porn Games in March 2024


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Contrary to popular opinion, pornography is what excites you. It doesn't have to be mainstream porn stars, explicit eroticism, or a set of NSFW GIFs – just something that unlocks your particular weak point. Because we live in the future, this includes virtual reality and sex video games. And we're not talking about Dead or Alive or another fan-heavy title, but real games aimed at an adult audience.

As with all other forms of pornography in the world, there is plenty of cluttering the XXX video game market. But if your problem is playing the game, you might be interested in a sexual adventure that is entirely digital. Rather than forcing you to sift through a stack of games including quite a few scams, we've done the screening for you. Here are some of the best video games, paid or free, that you can play online or download right now.

1) Pirate Jessica

Do your pirate fantasies involve a luxury captain walking on your board? Pirate Jessica is an all-3D sexual adventure, with incumbent Jessica as the first partner. Flexible, perverse and ready to do whatever your order list allows, Pirate Jessica is a hardcore hedonistic adventure on the high seas. Featuring a range of races, genres, and a few surprises, the game includes all of the man's known sexual acts and a few you probably didn't know existed. You can subscribe to the Pirate Jessica game for $19.99 per month, but unfortunately, only Windows players are invited.

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2) Chathouse 3D – Multiplayer Porn Game

Online multiplayer games are very popular in the market, and the same is true in the world of sex games. Chathouse 3D is an adult social network that combines chat and interactive 3D sex. Users can build a character and avatar to match any node of their choice, and then meet other users to live fantasies without the risks of sex in IRL. Users who own a Fleshlight stroker or a Kiiroo Onyx toy can link it to their game to feel exactly what their player is experiencing, but even analog fun lovers get a vivid visual display to enjoy. In addition, users can explore fantasies like swinging, cheating, BDSM,, or gender exchange. Membership costs $9.95 per month.

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3) AChat – Community ass game

If you can't find the community you're looking for on Chathouse 3D, AChat may be worth considering. AChat is a community of thousands of other adult video game fans, all looking for chat, date, and have sex virtually. Once you're past the court phase, AChat offers 50 sexual positions with over 300 types of dating, whether you're interested in singles or group experiences. AChat is very popular, so there are always people on the other end to play with. Getting started is free, but if you want to unleash your full potential in the bedroom, you'll have to pay for the upgrades.

4) Girlvania – Summer Lust

This digital sex fantasy game allows you to create your perfect wife for graphic sex scenes. Unfortunately, player models are sometimes a little too stylized, sometimes looking a bit like Bratz dolls. Still, Girlvania's character models and animation make it a very easy game to enjoy. With 1,200 items to customize your character's appearance, the options are plentiful. For fans of foot fetishism, there are more options available thanks to the Legs and Feet expansion pack. The base game will set you back $39.99, and the Legs & Feet expansion will set you back $14.99 more. However, there is no monthly fee.

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5) Virtual Fem – Girlfriend Experience Game

3D animated models are quite common in pornographic games, but not everyone can address computer-generated people. Virtual Fem brings the game into the real world using pre-recorded videos and advanced voice recognition to give you a virtual girlfriend experience. Thanks to text-to-speech, your character can talk to you, building a live fantasy with what looks like your personal cam girl. In addition, all dialogue options are written by real erotic authors. Nevertheless, it works like a game, so you'll need to keep your Virtual Fem in a good mood if you want the best experience, like a Neopet. If the socialization aspects are too important to you, there is an easy mode available. It would be afraid to have to worry that your digital girlfriend would break up with you. Virtual Fem is $34.53 the first month, then $23 per month thereafter.

6) Vixen VR – Temptation Towers

Have you spent all your money on a VR headset wondering where VR games are? Vixen VR is a game that invites users to Temptation Towers, a VR playground that mixes interactive experiences with live video footage. The interactions aren't as advanced as you'll find on Virtual Fem, but Temptation Towers offers plenty of surprises to keep you interested. Full of rooms, levels, and even a dungeon, Temptation Towers is a perfect option for live porn fans looking to get the most out of their VR equipment. The game costs 50 credits or just over $20.

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7) X Story Player – Virtual Reality Sex Game

VR users who are willing to trade live content for deeper game levels should try games like X Story Player. This animated sex game is a fully immersive world of virtual sex with support for HTC Vive and Oculus VR rigging. Your story starts with an online dating profile, which you use to discover new partners. Just like in real life, the women in the game want different things. Some characters are hard to have, while others are immediately perverse and open to suggestions. The nicer you play, the nicer they play, so don't be too hard. It costs $18 to download the full game.

8) Hentai 3D – Virtual Sex in Anime

Once you accept the idea of having sex with digital avatars, the idea of having sex with a cartoon isn't really a shake-up. Anime fans who want to immerse themselves in their favorite genre can play with Hentai 3D, a virtual sex simulation for cartoon fans from all walks of life. Choose from hundreds of outfits based on anime tropes, from latex superhero costumes to schoolgirl uniforms and even people to cats. There is no judgment, just a seemingly endless stock of giant-eyed nymphomaniacs ready to make love with your avatar. You may never be able to make your own hentai, but with Hentai 3D you can at least make one. The fun starts at just $24.95 per month. If you like video games based on Manga Porno, we recommend our Top 10 Hentai Video Games

9) Adult World 3D – Endless porn possibilities

Taking the time to find the right 3D fantasy world for you takes time because there are a host of options available. If you're more interested in making highly detailed scenes than creating a story, Adult World 3D might be the service for you. With highly detailed and customizable character templates that can each perform a huge range of sexual acts in many positions, you'll never run out of fun to have. Unlike other titles on this list, you'll be forced to pay a monthly subscription for your services, but the weekly updates soften the shock, when it comes to several payment options. A basic member is $19.95 per month, but discounts can be obtained by buying in bulk. Six months is only $59.96, while twelve months will cost you $91.97.

10) Venus Hostages – True FPS Porn

The titles on this list are technically games, but they don't follow any traditional game mechanics. That's why Venus Hostage is a fascinating anomaly, a true 3D first-person shooter action game, which allows you to get rid of hot lead between hot sex sessions. Think Half-Life of the trique. While it won't get a perfect score from anyone but IGN, Venus Hostage is an honest attempt to mix hardcore sex and hardcore gameplay that deserves props from open-minded gaming fans. Sure, it's rude, but it's serious and it's an effort to do something new. The only downside is that it's part of developer Sex Game Devil's game subscription pack, which includes many other titles, but costs $19.99 per month.

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Other porn video games that could have been mentioned

We couldn't include everything in our Top 10 sex video games but other franchises could have deserved to be included. Family Sex Simulator, Sex Emulator or Gang Bang Simulator are among those, we did not have too much time to test them but if you like online porn games sex games you can go and test them, their reputation is good and you could have a good time based on virtual anal sex and facial in VR.