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· 6ad: Escort girls ad site


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6annonce is one of the most frequented French sites while being known only to a limited number of insiders. Listing escort girls cards throughout the France, 6ad is known as one of the best ways to meet escort girls on the internet, especially since niamodel's disappearance.

6 announcement: A free escort girls directory

The success of 6annonce is due in particular to its free. Displaying phone numbers and escort cards to unregistered visitors, it offers visitors a free registration that allows them to chat with escorts, advanced search, add comments, rating escorts or create favorites lists. In these terms and conditions, 6annonce says prohibit the online posting of paid sexual services or related to prostitution but concretely most of the escorts are indeed prostitutes, the practices detailed on the files of some girls leaving no doubt on the subject.

6ad escort girl

Example of an ad on 6 ad mentioning COB and CIM for On Body and In Mouth. Very clearly sexual services.

Among the services that make 6annonce a reference site, the city tours are among the most interesting. They allow you to know at a given moment which girls are available in your city. For Parisians it is not really an issue but in the provinces it is essential to be able to go straight to the point and not consult ads for nothing. Another service that we appreciate is the suspicious badge affixed to profiles whose site is not secure. A real concern for the customer that other sites could be inspired by.

6ad: Pimping or not?

Some sites have recently been brought to justice for alleged pimping. We are neither a judge nor a lawyer, but it is certain that the activity of connecting prostitutes and clients is a sensitive activity. 6annonce therefore defends itself by prohibiting the sale of prostitution on its site and by offering free services to escorts and customers. The crime of pimping being characterized in particular by the transfer of money 6announcement therefore seems safe. In any case, it is not up to us to accuse or defend the site. It provides a quality service to its visitors and, given its notoriety, as long as it is online it is presumed that it is in the most total of legalities, the police necessarily knowing it. However, we remind you that prostitution is about to be penalized for clients and that it will soon be interesting to find another way than prostitution to sleep with girls.

Alternatives to 6annonce

6annonce is a very good site but here we are not a fan of the money for sex model. If what interests you is to easily meet girls with whom to sleep we recommend you rather go through dating sites specializing in booty calls. With free registration of sites like www.Xflirt.com, www. RencontresHard.com or www.JacquieEtMichel-Contact.com you will have access to the records of hundreds of girls that you will not have to pay to sleep with.  On these sites you will have a messenger software to easily exchange by chat or webcam with girls with liberated sexuality and who are only looking for guys for a night.The 3 sites are quite similar in their positioning, www. Xflirt.com being perhaps a little more generalist than www. JacquieEtMichel-Contact.com which is reserved for lovers of really porn sex. They work on computer, tablet and mobile and adapt to your geographical position and connected members at the same time as you to offer you the most requested contacts of plan cul. Www. RencontresHard.com is a libertine messenger software that allows you to chat with girls who are looking for occasional or regular ass shots. On these 3 sites you can easily meet girls in just about the entire France. We in Paris can meet between 1 and 2 girls a week without forcing the searches and it can easily go up to 1 per day during the holidays or as soon as the weather starts to be nice. It is obviously less safe than a site like 6annonce but in the long run it will cost you much less than paying girls on a piecemeal basis and you will be able to develop healthier relationships with the girls you meet there, some of them will probably not fail to become regular booty calls for you. If you register on these sites, check that the emails sent by the girls of the site are not classified in your spam, the sites of plan cul are often automatically placed in this category by the messaging services.

Update April 1

We are told that the site of 6annonce is currently in unexpected error. Perhaps this should be seen as a link with the bill to ban sites connecting prostitutes / escorts and clients. We will be watching closely if 6annonce returns soon. Meanwhile the cul plan sites mentioned above seem more than ever the best recourse.

Update April 2

The 6announcement site is back. This outage was therefore not to be related to the bill to block escort girl sites and clients of prostitutes but we will still closely monitor the state of health of 6ad.

Update April 12

6Closed ad unavailable

The 6announcement site is closed or unavailable. This error message is now displayed when trying to connect to the site.

The 6announcement site continues to disappear from time to time for more or less long periods without knowing more about the reasons for these offline. It doesn't smell very good…

Update 15 April – 6annonce is closed

The site seems to have definitively closed down. This error message is now displayed instead of the previous home page.

Update April 17 – 6ad is back

6ad has returned and seems stabilized. We really don't know what to think of these incidents. The most persistent rumor mentions a scramble between 6annonce and a competitor and it would therefore have nothing to do with the future law threatening escort sites but nothing is proven at the moment. And nothing will probably ever be proven since the activity of 6annonce is illegal and no justice will come to protect them if they are attacked. We in any case stop moving forward. A simple tip, if you are a user of 6ad note the contacts that interest you and do not bet everything on the availability and reliability of the site. If girls who have their ads on 6ad lose too many customers because of these instabilities they risk going to other sites, whether 6ad is down or not.

Update April 20 – 6ad is down again

We stopped following, the escorts began to leave the ship 6ad which sank at full speed. Whether the site is repaired or not, its reputation may be tarnished among escorts who should therefore quickly turn to other sites. On our side we can only advise you the sites of plan cul whose activity is legal, the stable sites and the return on investment without common measure.

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