Ashley Madison would have only a few thousand profiles of active women

· Ashley Madison would have only a few thousand profiles of active women


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The Gizmodo site analyzed Ashley Madison's user database and found that of the 5.5 million female profiles, only a few thousand would be truly active. Ashley Madison would therefore be almost unable to connect unfaithful men with potential mistresses.

20 million men for 3000 women?

profile woman list ashley madison The first statistic Gizmodo gives us about the users found in Ashley Madison's database is that there are 31 million men for 5.5 million women. A ratio low enough to guarantee dating to unfaithful men but that would not shock anyone in the online dating world. But Gizmodo wanted to go further by analyzing the female profiles and the use they made of the site. ashley madison fake profile woman The first analysis focuses on the most frequent IP addresses. One of them is the IP address which is a local IP address. This IP address has been used to create nearly 80,000 profiles, 80% of which are women's profiles. This would mean that these profiles were created directly from a computer located at Ashley Madison's by employees of the company. It should be noted that the proportion of men and women is reversed in this sample in relation to the total profiles, these false profiles being essentially women. list users ashley madison woman Gizmodo then wanted to know who was really using Ashley Madison's services. For the cat, it appears that 11 million men chat with… 2400 women. This proportion seems unreal and could demonstrate that it was almost impossible to chat with a woman about the ashley Madison cat. profile woman ashley madison For Ashley Madison's internal messaging service, the proportion is even crazier since 20 million men wrote to only 1500 active women! These statistics are not about a limited time but about the entire life of an Ashley Madison user, so they mean that only 1492 women have used the site's messaging even once. And ditto for the cat. Gizmodo moderates his results a little by saying that a pop-up allows, in Ashley Madison, to reply to messages without necessarily accessing the full messaging. It is therefore possible that women responded without accessing their messaging, with 9700 women responding to at least one message received via Ashley Madison.

Fake profiles or curious but inactive users?

The 2 explanations are possible. It is possible that women sign up only to check if they find their husband or for a fantasy that will ultimately remain unfulfilled. But the proportion is still quite unreal and former employees of Ashley Madison have already revealed, without verification, that they were paid to create fake profiles. Anyway, it seemed like a miracle to meet an unfaithful woman thanks to Ashley Madison. Source: Gizmodo