What is the best gay dating site?

· What is the best gay dating site?

When we talk about dating site we rarely mention gay dating sites. Forgotten by major dating sites, it is not always easy for homosexuals to find a gay dating site. Fortunately, there is a good one but be careful… The world of gay dating sites is made up of a few scams. But what is the best gay dating site?

What to pay attention to when looking for a gay dating site?

You will necessarily have noticed, it is almost impossible to spontaneously cite a gay dating site while we can cite dozens for straight dating. This lack of a strong name is due to the unprofitability of mass advertising in the niche niche that is gay dating. When Easyflirt communicates on television, it will be able to reach the 90% of heterosexual viewers. If a site were to put the same price to target gays its profitability would be mathematically 9 times lower. As a result of this situation, the gay dating market is not very organized and there are many small sites whose communities are too limited to really allow to provoke encounters. When you register, make sure to be sure that you are not going to register on an empty shell dating site.

At the technical level, it is also necessary to be sure that the site is at the height of other dating sites on the market. There is nothing worse than an ugly, poorly made site, in which we do not understand anything about navigation or whose exchange features are too limited and discourage contact.

Finally, it is necessary to see if you sign up for a paid or free site. Overall, there is no coincidence. If a site is free it is because it will not offer you much. In addition, the total gratuity often leads to a low quality community and meetings of the same accabit.

What is the best gay dating site?

Taking into consideration the above criteria, we have tested the main gay dating sites. And if we found many sites on the verge of dishonesty, 2 gay dating sites nevertheless stood out.

Best gay dating site according to us, www.Mykodial.com. Gay dating site type chat messenger, mykodial is based on an extremely well fucked software that will allow you to chat with several gay at the same time, to make geolocated meetings, to manage private messages and to fill in a rich profile to indicate your preferences (passive gay, active gay …). 100% free site, Mykodial represents the best of the gay dating site. A must.

2nd gay dating site deserving to be cited as the best gay dating site, Force Gay. Coming from the EasyFlirt group, the most frequented group of dating sites in France, Force Gay benefits from the professionalism of EasyFlirt and their strike force in terms of communication. Massive community, features at the height of the best on the dating market (all sexual orientations combined) and free registration, Force Gay has many strengths. With the free registration you will be able to create your profile and test the relevance of the site then, if you find your happiness, you will be able to access even more advanced features to make more meetings. The free / paid balance is really well found and allows you to meet people avoiding any spam effect.


3rd in our selection of the best gay dating sites, www.KeumShow.com. It is more of a sexcam and liveshow site than a real gay dating site but its private show system allows you to chat and have real webcam sessions with the models and it is therefore very easy to meet them in real life. Obviously, the models are very hot and look more for ass shots than serious plans but depending on the mood and the person you will have in front of you everything is possible on this site. To access the private shows we recommend you to use the free trial period offered to all new visitors, it will allow you to test the features of the site to book a private session with whomever you want without having to pay. Obviously, this site is considered a porn site and is therefore reserved for a major audience.

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