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Flirting on Linkedin: Instructions for use

We are often asked how to go about flirting on Linkedin. For many men who are closely watched by their wives, going through a dating site or facebook is dangerous and Linkedin therefore looks like a miracle solution. But beware: flirting on linkedin has everything of the false good idea and we tell you why. Why we advise you not to flirt on Linkedin Overall, mixing professional life and love life is not a very good idea. However, we can weight this observation by...

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Some tips to improve your profile on dating sites

If you have a profile on dating sites and it doesn’t work hard, you may want to improve it. The scientific journal Evidence Based Medicine has compiled 86 studies on the mechanisms of attraction from a psychological and sociological point of view and has drawn practical advice to apply to improve your profile on dating sites. Choosing the right name for your profile The first thing to choose when creating your profile on a dating site is your name / nickname. According to the...

How to flirt on a dating site?

How to flirt on a dating site?

Flirting on a dating site is very different from flirting in real life. When we flirt on a dating site, we must succeed in passing his charm through his profile and his written exchanges and also succeed that the person we flirt with has confidence in us. And given the multiplicity and ease of contacts, a mistake will be eliminatory. Here are our tips to understand how to flirt on a dating site. Take care of your profile sheet When you want to flirt...