Where to find a black escort in Paris?

· Where to find a black escort in Paris?


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Throughout the France but in Paris in particular, black escorts are really popular. Difficult to explain why without entering into what could be assimilated to racist prejudice but concretely lovers of black booty call all say they appreciate their unique shapes, the tone of their body or simply fantasize about the color of their skin. But how to find a black escort in Paris? Here are some tips.

Escort black vs prostitute

We do not know if in your mouth it is the same thing but there is a difference between black escort and black prostitute and we do not find them in the same places. The difference is mainly in the standing of the girls, where they work, how they dress, the practices they accept… And to find them the process will be very different, prostitutes working in the street, woods or caravans while escorts are mainly on the internet and work in their apartments or hotel rooms.

Where to find black prostitutes in Paris

On boulevard Barbès, many black prostitutes, often in an irregular situation, sell their bodies for a few euros.

On boulevard Barbès, many black prostitutes, often in an irregular situation, sell their bodies for a few euros.

If you are looking for street prostitutes with black physique, you can find them almost everywhere but the main corners where to find them are the Bois de Vincennes, Barbès, Chateau Rouge and Porte de la Chapelle. You will also find Rue St Denis but it is a little less exclusive physical level of prostitutes. As much to tell you right now, you should not expect high-end. You will have at best a mattress in a caravan or in a shabby apartment at worst a hiding place behind the pillar of a bridge and you will have to pray for your condom to hold up. A large part of the black prostitutes present in these neighborhoods are of African origin, often from Nigeria, and not all of them speak French. If prostitution is not illegal in France, they still happen to be arrested for lack of a residence permit. Hanging out with them may therefore take you straight to the local police. These prostitutes usually ask between 20 € and 70 € the pass and can chain 5 customers in the same night. Do not expect prowess in bed with them, they only prostitute themselves to reimburse their mac or their smuggler and sleeping with her is pure exploitation of human misery. You will have understood, even if you like to sleep with blacks we really advise you to leave these girls alone.

How to find a black escort in Paris?

To find black escorts, i.e. luxury prostitutes, you will have to turn to the internet. Sites such as 6annonce, Wannonce or Vivastreet offer ads of girls who either receive at home or travel home to sell their charms or perform sexual massages. On these sites you will not find a category or search engine that will allow you to check as a criterion a black physique or an African or Caribbean origin, you will have to either rely on the photos of the ads or use the word black in a text search on google or on the internal search engine hoping that the escorts have indicated this mention in their ads.

Among the many ads that 6annonce offers, you will find some black escort with high-end positioning.

Among the many ads that 6annonce offers, you will find some black escort with high-end positioning.

Between these sites, the pricing positioning is not exactly the same. The escort black who register on 6ad have a high-end positioning and, in incall, you will need to count at least 150 € per hour to sleep with. On Wannonce or Vivastreet you will find lower rates but not always clearly indicated. You will have to call directly the beautiful blacks that you have noticed to define with her, and if necessary negotiate, the rates and the expected services. Compared to 6ad you can count on almost 50% cheaper but the shape, the outfits, the perfume … may also be a little less high-end. In terms of origins, black escorts are more varied than prostitutes. While you will hardly meet any Caribbean prostitutes in the streets of Paris, you will more gladly find escorts from the West Indies on the Internet. If it is important for you it is to be taken into account.

What if you only want a black booty call?

If you do not want to use the services of a prostitute and you just want to sleep with a sexually liberated black, sites allow you to get in touch with exclusively black girls. The 2 main sites on which you can find a plan cul black are www.AfroMessenger.com, a site that is based on text and video chat software and which, contrary to what its name suggests, offers ass shots with black girls from Africa but also from the West Indies, and on www.Xflirt.com, an booty call site that has a section dedicated to black women and those who fantasize about them. These 2 sites offer free registration and are well enough stocked with black and naughty girls that you can find an booty call in a few hours or days wherever you are in France.