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Montpellier, 8th city of France, is one of the most consuming escort girls. Mediterranean, living under the sun all year round, it is normal for Montpellier residents to look to have fun with escort girls. But how to find escort girls in Montpellier when their activity is not totally legal?

Escort girl in Montpellier: Legal or not?

To begin with, let us recall the legal framework of prostitution and the profession of escort girl in France. If the profession of escort girl is not illegal, it is forbidden to monetize sexual favors or to use the services of a prostitute. The Vallaud Belkacem law is also in the process of penalizing the use of prostitution for the client. What is totally illegal and heavily penalized, however, is pimping. Pimping is the act of taking money from a prostitute to put her in contact with clients. The definition is even broader than that since it is under the prohibition of pimping that porn actresses do not have the right to have agents in France. This is why escort girl ad sites are regularly closed by the authorities.

How to find an escort girl in Montpellier?

To find an escort girl in Montpellier, you will be very strongly constrained by the law. Already know that you can not require an escort girl to grant you sexual favors, the job of escort girl being legally only a simple accompaniment. That said, to find an escort girl in Montpellier, you will be able to count either on word of mouth or on the internet. For word of mouth, the best informed are the staff of large hotels and the guests themselves. For customers, you will obviously not scream in the streets of Montpellier that you are looking for an escort girl client, you will have to count on your friends who have already experienced the thing. Hotel concierges are quite talkative in private about good escort girls but they will never answer you if they do not trust you or if there are people to attend the scene. Before asking a hotel concierge for his escort girl contacts you will have to earn his trust. Some time ago we would have told you about escort girl ad sites such as niamodel, sexemodel or lovesita but they are a little in the crosshairs of justice and you should avoid them. If you ever have a car, you can also go to La Jonquera where escort girls are legal and well supervised.

Alternatives to montpellier escort girls

If you want to sleep with a girl without necessarily paying for the services of an escort girl, dating sites exist and are very effective, especially in the southeast of the France where there is a strong libertine community. On sites such as andwww., you can easily meet girls who are only looking for one-night stands or more regular ass shots. Obviously, these girls are not escort girls and you will not necessarily be able to ask them everything but most of the girls registered are very free and put their heart to work when they are with their booty call. Registration is free but a subscription of about twenty euros per month will ensure you a maximum return. Put in perspective with the 150 € that an escort girl asks for in Montpellier, it is almost free and more effective.