Falling in love with a prostitute, a not-so-rare situation…

· Falling in love with a prostitute, a not-so-rare situation…


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Among clients of prostitutes, falling in love is less rare than we think. While on paper everything is clear and it is only about paid sex, the talents of escorts and the needs of affections of men sometimes badly treated in their sentimental life make that confusion can settle and lead to very delicate situations.

Can you fall in love with a prostitute?

If we ask the question it is because it is obviously the case. And much more often than we want to believe. There is nothing shameful about this, attachment and love were intimately linked to the pleasure hormones generated during the sex phases. Skin-to-skin contact naturally creates a sentimental closeness, in newborns as well as in customers of girls of joy. The real question is therefore not psychic or emotional but social. If we ask the question again but from a social point of view, the love between a client and a prostitute is inconceivable for 99% of people and the beautiful legend of pretty woman never reproduces in real life. Social non-acceptance makes these stories even more difficult to live with, love not controlling itself, customers quickly lock themselves into lies that make their situation even more uncontrollable and are often even more dangerous than their feelings in themselves.

Is it dangerous to have feelings for an escort?

The legend of the playboy who falls in love with a prostitute doesn't always go so well in real life.

The legend of the playboy who falls in love with a prostitute doesn't always go so well in real life.

Prostitutes are girls like any other who have to live with the hypocritical looks of men who fantasize about them while despising them in the open. It would therefore be cruel to judge dangerous or forbidden to fall in love with them. However, their job leads them to have to manipulate the emotions of men and, as love professionals, they must make you feel that you are apart, that if they have 10 customers a day it is different with you. When an escort wants to gain in comfort she seeks to retain her good customers, those who treat her well, who do not have fantasies too crazy. And to make them feel loyal and fall in love is the best method. So take with tweezers the words of love and the compliments they could address to you, it may be that she speaks in the same way to all her customers for GFE (GirlFriend Experience) moments and so you could fall from the top. Beyond the psychological dangers, falling in love with a prostitute can also put you at risk financially. By attaching yourself you will feel the need to see it more and more often and there is very little chance that your loyalty will bring you better rates. At rates often above €100 per half hour, your love will become a very expensive hobby if you start seeing your favorite escort more than once a week. Not everything does this, but some whores who feel that a customer has fallen in love arrange to be offered gifts and outings in addition to their basic remuneration. They are then in order to shoot as much as possible from a pigeon they have identified and will let you down as soon as you begin to express doubts about their true intentions.

What if she's also in love?

If you feel that your love is reciprocal, you are not out of the woods yet. You will have to project yourself long-term with it and be able to imagine yourself beyond the passion of the first months. Sleeping with a prostitute is simple and without commitment, marrying one with her job, her past and her pots and pans is much more complicated. Do you imagine yourself with your mother and your new companion around a blanquette or a Christmas tree? If you already have children, can you imagine telling them to leave their mother for this woman? How will you present this meeting to your friends? At your job? If you have to make your new life a complete lie you will have to be prepared. And if you are ready to assume it, know that your path will not be easy, not all people having your open mind.

How to be fixed on the feelings of a prostitute?

The only way to be sure that your feelings are shared and that you are not going to be scammed sentimentally and financially is to test your relationship in free mode. If a prostitute does not want to see you for free even for a drink or for things that have nothing sexual you can go your way. Be careful, an invitation to a large restaurant is not something free. Take her to an amusement park, walk with her in the middle of the day, go for drinks… These moments should allow you to check that she, too, has fun spending time with you and that, on your side, you also really want to see her for tender but not sexual moments. Going from a paid relationship to a classic romantic relationship is going to be complicated and you will have to be careful never to totally lose your head and keep your lucidity. It's sad for a budding relationship but only at this price can you build solid by avoiding the pitfalls of loving a prostitute.

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