Should I make a gift when I meet an escort?



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Among escort clients, there is a question that comes up often and that has been addressed to us by many readers: Should we offer a gift to an escort in addition to her price? In the collective imagination, escort can rhyme with Pretty Woman, a film in which Richard Gere covers Julia Roberts as a gift and lives the Girlfriend Experience to the fullest. But in real life, what about it? Do you have to bring a small gift in kind in addition to the envelope of tickets that will pay for the service? Let's get to the point.

You can bring a gift to an escort but not to the first date

Among escort clients, many prefer to form a strong relationship with a single girl rather than multiply experiences with many girls. Already, it is always healthy to remember that not all escorts are equal and that it can be complicated to find a girl who suits us and is sexually compatible with us. As part of an ongoing relationship, you can start bringing small gifts that will complete the payment she will automatically require but, if you bring a gift from the start, you may make the girl uncomfortable or pass for a pigeon. Even though most escorts are clean, those who flirt with the scam will be attentive to signs of too much kindness and will see a green light to scam you if you arrive with an envelope of tickets and a gift a little expensive in addition. They will also see that you lack experience with prostitutes and can take the opportunity to charge you for things that girls do not charge more in general. So, as long as an escort has not brought you satisfaction at least 2 or 3 times you just pay what you owe him in a very classic Customer / Supplier relationship.

You don't bring just any gift to an escort

Now let's assume that you really like a girl, that sex with her is very good, and that you want to see her regularly. You can then offer her gifts from time to time such as cash tips thanking her for above average performance or exceeding the initial promise. If you know a girl well and your hygiene is irreproachable, she can for example offer you the bareback blowjob while she did not officially practice it on her 6announcement sheet. In this case you do not have, in theory, to pay extra because it is a gift that she gives you, a kind of commercial gesture, but it is fashionable to come the faith after with a small present. But not all gifts are good ideas! For example, some may seem too intrusive, lingerie for example. You can agree with her before on a dress code but offering them lingerie for her to wear in their personal life is often frowned upon. Conversely, gifts that are consumed during the duration of the appointment will be welcome. Fine wine or champagne, pastries or macaroons… Choose high quality products, accessible luxury for your finances, because girls make a very good living and if you bring them Picard macaroons or pastries from the local bakery you will not necessarily score points.

Don't forget to monitor your overall budget

All that said, don't forget to think about yourself too. An escort most of the time offers quite high rates, around 120 € per hour on average, and if you form a long-term relationship with her your overall budget will be high. If you add to that a good bottle of champagne at each appointment, you will potentially increase your overall budget by 50%, a bottle of Ruinart being around 55 € for example. So even if your intentions are noble, keep in mind that the escort you meet is already paid for her performance, so a gift will always be pleasant for her but optional. And don't forget to pay attention to your credit card statements if you're married. If your wife notices every Thursday an expense of 60 € at Nicolas or Ladurée she will end up suspecting that something is wrong.