How much does a finish in a massage parlour cost?

· How much does a finish in a massage parlour cost?


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Intriguing both men eager for new experiences and women politicians, the finish in massage parlours is, in its treatment, halfway between urban legend and reality. If you want to know more about finishing in massage parlors, we will try to answer all your questions including, of course, how much it costs.

An opaque storefront will often be synonymous with sexual massage.

An opaque storefront will often be synonymous with sexual massage.

First of all, we want to tell you something important. You are an adult and responsible and we do not tell you what to do, but know that the finish is a sexual performance and that as such it is illegal. Since the new law penalizing the clients of prostitutes, a client who is made a jerk in a massage parlor could even be penalized. Now that you've been told that, you obviously do what you want.

Which massage parlours practice the finishes?

Overall, it is considered that it is mainly Chinese massage parlors that make finishes. There are also some in Thai spas but many Thai spas are high-end and the proportion of salons with sexual services is therefore lower. Assume that a high-end salon will not be counted in sexual stories because it will attract women and couples first. Salons with a somewhat cheap appearance will be more inclined to practice this kind of services. Their front is usually obstructed by a curtain or an opaque coating that prevents them from seeing inside. Trust us, if by thinking 1 minute you come to the conclusion that a living room is a little shady, you are probably right.

How to request a finish in a massage parlor?

Well, it's simple, we don't ask for it. If you ask at the entrance if the massages include a finish, you will pass for a crevard, your massage will be baclé and your finish will be overcharged. And if the living room does not practice this kind of thing you will be wickedly displayed. If the girl who welcomes you is in a short dress and does not speak French very well trust her, she will probably offer you a small supplement by herself at the end of the massage.

How does the massage take place?

After a back massage, the masseuse will turn you over and then offer you a finish

After a back massage, the masseuse will turn you over and then offer you a finish

If a massage has a sexual vocation, it takes place from the start completely naked. In case you have stumbled into a serious massage parlor where nothing will happen, you are provided from the start with a small paper thong that is not at all sexy and that will dissuade you from asking for anything. So ask the masseuse if you keep your underpants / briefs or if you take it off, if she tells you to remove it in front of her you have a good clue about the rest. In general, the massage is not of a very high quality but you can have good surprises. Do not hide your face, girls who practice this kind of sexual massage do not do it for pleasure, they are often clandestine or precarious and their knowledge in the art of massage may be limited. Their salary is often low and what you will pay for the finish will be their main remuneration. You will therefore come across motivated masseuses who will want to retain you or on constraint masseuses who will do their job mechanically. The massage will therefore start with the back. You will lie on your stomach and the masseuse will massage you from the shoulders to the legs through your buttocks and back. Some masseuses will venture towards the inside of your buttocks but rectal massage carries certain risks (health in particular) that you should not forget. Depending on the length of time you have reserved, she will eventually ask you to turn around and offer to massage your crotch. That is when the tariff negotiation will begin.

How much does a finish in a massage parlour cost?

The price of a finish will not be indicated anywhere, it will come in addition to the price of the massage and will be at the head of the customer. If a masseuse knows that you came for it she will force the rates. If she saw the tickets in your wallet when you paid for the massage she will also know how much you have and will adjust. In addition to the price of the Chinese massage which is generally between 40 and 100 €, a finish will be paid around 20 euros. You can always negotiate by making the guy jaded, not interested, but know that you will always get your money's worth. If the masseuse wants 50€ and you get the finish at 10€ do not expect her to put her heart to work. Be sure to ask what you can and cannot do while she takes care of you. Will she undress? Will you be able to touch it? If so, what parts of his body will you be able to touch? Once all the terms of the contract are defined you will be able to pay but do not leave a question unanswered because the decision will always be against you if you have already taken out the money.

How to negotiate the price?

Although we do not advise you to negotiate too much if you want a quality finish, you can always lower the price by indicating that it is your first time but that if you are happy you can come back often. Ask her for her first name to let her think that you really want to see her again and she will then more easily agree to lower her rate. Another method is to say no, say that you did not come for it and rely on the fact that this extra is a tip on which she really relies but this method will not bring you a high quality finish.

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