How do I download Onlyfans photos and videos?

· How do I download Onlyfans photos and videos?


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All onlyfans subscribers know that it is natively impossible to download the photos and videos offered by the creators of the site. The reason is simple, by subscribing you do not buy the contents but simply the right to consult them, so there is no download button next to the photos or videos onlyfans and the right click is prohibited on the site. In theory, therefore, you cannot save content to watch it offline. However, there are a few methods that can bypass the block.

Beyond legal or illegal, we will mainly talk about risk. If you download the content of a creator and keep it to yourself, in your computer or on the phone, you do not risk anything. No one will come to annoy a fan who has paid his subscription and who keeps memories like an apprentice fetishist. On the other hand, if you start sharing photos or videos on leak forums or if you create Mega or Dropbox folders with these files you expose yourself to lawsuits for copyright infringement. And at the philosophical level, if you are subscribed to an onlyfans account we can imagine that it is because you appreciate the one who holds it and that you do not want to harm his business, it would be a shame to dissuade some fans from subscribing.

How to download onlyfan photos from your computer?

save photot onlyfans

The extension allows you to add a button to download onlyfan photos

You will have noticed, it is impossible to right-click on a photo onlyfans to make a save as. If you want to download an image you will have to go through an extension, we recommend 2 extensions for Google Chrome.
  • Image Downloader : This extension allows you to download in 2 clicks all the images present on a page. You can choose to download only images above a certain height or width if you want to avoid downloading thumbnails or parasitic images such as buttons. It works very well on Onlyfans, you will just have to go down a max to go to the end of the infinite scroll proposed by the site.
  • Downloader for Onlyfans : This extension has been specially designed for Onlyfans. It allows you to have a Download button to download the images one by one, and Copy Link to share the direct link of the image and remove the right click/save as limit. It takes a little time but to download the images you like the most it works well?

How to download Onlyfans videos?

record video onlyfans

By opening the video in a new window you can save it

To download the videos published on Onlyfans or sent in your DM by the creators, you also have 2 extensions that do the taf well. Be aware that the Downloader for onlyfans app also works for videos.
  • Download videos from OnlyFans™.com : This extension works like the Downloader for Onlyfans extension. The best way to save a video is to copy the link, open in a new tab to use Save Video As.
  • download video onlyfans

    Video Downloader Plus allows you to download multiple videos at the same time

    Video Downloader Plus : This extension works for all video sites and for Onlyfans as well. It allows you to download one or more videos displayed on a website. You see the weight of the different videos and have a button to download them one by one. The most convenient extensions to download onlyfan videos.