How to reach orgasm through masturbation?

· How to reach orgasm through masturbation?


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Stimulating the sexual organs and erectile areas without reaching the climax of pleasure often leaves an unpleasant taste of unfinished. Which excitement tricks guarantee optimal enjoyment?

Masturbation, a naughty game without established rules

how to reach orgasm through masturbation

how to reach orgasm through masturbation

There are no principles that formally govern this exercise. Everyone tries to explore their body in order to satisfy their sexual desire. People primarily target the most sensitive places. Men often position their hand around their erect penis. Then, they caress him in a more or less rapid back and forth momentum. They also pay special attention to the testicles and other parts such as the navel or anus. As for women, they almost always start by stroking the erogenous zones such as breasts, thighs, vulva, etc. They focus much more on the clitoris that they massage delicately. They must take the trouble to trim their nails well to avoid injury. They also experience pleasant sensations by stimulating the entrance and inside of the vagina. They insert their finger into their and perform slight circular movements to excite the walls and sensitive areas of this organ.

Masturbation, the need to involve the brain

Masturbation must be accompanied by erotic thoughts to optimize the pleasure and to amplify the sensations felt. Some people simply imagine themselves having a fight with a known or anonymous partner. Viewing pornographic film or epicurean images can also increase ardor. To increase arousal and quickly reach orgasm, people can participate in virtual exhibitionist parties on a platform like Naked Chat. Members begin these appointments with naughty dialogues. The temperature often rises quite quickly and they reveal their private parts by interposed cameras. This optimizes desire and excitement. This allows them to quickly reach the climax of pleasure. Most of the participants end up meeting for real ass shots.

Masturbation, the use of sex gadgets

The in-depth caresses guarantee exceptional sensations. But, they often prove insufficient to truly reach orgasm. People exploit erotic accessories to boost the process.

  • Women regularly use sex toys to better pigment their masturbation sessions. To facilitate use, they must provide a water-based lubricant. This allows them to speed up the back and forth movements as the pleasure climbs. Friction against sensitive organs such as the clitoris precipitates enjoyment.
  • Men can also get erotic gadgets that perfectly simulate a vagina. They display a fairly soft and comfortable interior. The addition of a lubricant gives them a softness identical to that of a real cat in heat. These sex toys make it possible to quickly reach orgasm. The latter should only use them after they have aroused their sex well. They can position them from different angles to make the most of the back and forth movements to better feel the friction.

Masturbation does not have any disadvantages for the body. Many people continue to resort to these techniques after marriage. This allows them to pigment their frolics.

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