Are we gay when we sleep with transsexuals?

· Are we gay when we sleep with transsexuals?

Love of transsexuals and homosexuality are often amalgamated, wrongly in our opinion. If it is natural to ask the question of the gay nature of your sexuality when you realize kiffer on trans, they are part of a third gender different from yours which necessarily makes you something other than a homosexual. 

Transsexuals: a real 3rd sex

is gay when sleeping with transsexualsThe word homosexual refers to people who are attracted to those who are identical to them while it is a totally opposite feeling that animates those who fantasize about transsexuals. Obviously shemales have a male sex but they also have breasts and there is no good reason to consider them as men more than as women. What intrigues and excites them is this mixture of what R.Kelly and Jay-Z would name the Best of both worlds. For those who do not want to choose between the beauty of feminine forms and the pleasure offered by penetration, transsexuals appear as an upgraded version of the human being, a kind of X-men dedicated to sexual pleasure. A pleasure that another man could not bring them.

The problem of people's gaze

Even if our reasoning seems infallible to us, it actually has a weakness that lies in the lack of willingness of the general public to think about the subject. Transsexuals have a sulphurous image often associated with prostitution and they are very often mocked. And beyond them it is all those who fantasize about them who toast. When xenophobia and homophobia mix, it can give insults mixing transgender love and homosexuality. And when those who shout the loudest consider you gay, you may have the best arguments in the world you won't convince anyone. In these conditions what to do? Unfortunately not much except keeping a low profile. If you don't want to be perceived as gay then you will have to live your alternative sexuality out of sight of people. This is what explains the success of websites dedicated to trans and shemale lovers.

The best websites to live your love of transsexuals

For all those who love transsexuals and fantasize about them, sites have been set up and are experiencing growing success far from the recognition of the mainstream media. Obviously trans escort sites are the most frequented because they offer simplicity both in their use and in the conclusion of the sexual act since it is enough to pay to sleep. Behind these sites related to prostitution there are real dating sites that connect transsexuals and those who love them. Most of the meetings that are made there are booty calls but these sites also allow you to make real encounters that lead to couples that last. If you want to sleep with shemale or make your life with a site like www. will therefore be ideal because it will accompany you throughout your love life. As you will have understood, it is not on gay sites that you will find your happiness and for the simple reason that you are not gay.

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