Kamasutra – The 10 Porn Positions Women Prefer

· Kamasutra – The 10 Porn Positions Women Prefer


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In the Kamasutra, there is good and bad. Some porn positions will be inaccessible to those who don’t have 15 years of gymnastics behind them and others are spectacular but totally uncomfortable. Fortunately, we have sorted for you and we give you the 10 porn positions of the kamasutra that women prefer. Enough to make you a lover in high demand.

What is kamasutra?

The Kamasutra is an ancient Sanskrit text that explores the art of human sexual relations. The text is divided into seven sections, each of which covers a different aspect of sexual intercourse. The first section deals with preparing for love and includes tips on how to woo and seduce a potential partner. The second section, entitled Sexual Union, contains detailed instructions on how to have sex. The third section, titled The Aftermath of Love, explores the emotions that can arise after sex and offers tips on how to deal with them. Finally, the seventh section offers advice on ways to improve one’s sex life. Although it is often associated with eroticism, Kamasutra is much more than just a sexual manual; it is a guide to creating a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship.

What are women looking for in their favorite porn positions?

Already, let’s remember a fact that all men should have in mind: at least 80% of women are unable to have an orgasm without their clitoris being stimulated. For a majority of women, a “good” position will be a position that will solicit the clitoris whether it is not a rubbing of the penis or by a manual movement. Next, be aware that some positions are suitable for small penises while others get better out of large penises. Depending on your anatomy or that of your partner, you will therefore have an interest in favoring one posture over another. We will tell you below to which morphology the positions best adapt. Finally, the last criterion is purely mental and related to the imagination. Some women like to see their partner during the act while others prefer to turn their backs on them to let their imagination do all the work.

Sexual positions that they like but are not in the kamasutra

We will quickly move on to the classics that are the doggie, the missionary, the andromaque or the spoon. You necessarily know them, they are not very creative but they do the job. The doggy is loved because it allows the girl to caress her clitoris during penetration, the missionary is the classic that promotes maximum contact and easy penetration, the andromaque allows the woman to go at her own pace and totally master the relationship and the spoon is very sensual even if it forces to penetrate quite slowly. Now let’s move on to the kamasutra positions.

Women’s Favorite Kamasutra Porn Positions

The tiger and dragon

If you liked the movie with Michelle Yeoh, know that it has nothing to do with it. The position called Tiger and Dragon is a kind of doggie but during which the woman is positioned at the edge of the bed and the man standing next to the bed. By squeezing the woman’s calves he squeezes her vagina and accentuates the power of friction. The advantage of this position is that it is close to the doggie and therefore known to all while bringing a little novelty and better sensations.

The indolent

This position will suit all men who are a little tired and do not want to do too much. The woman is placed on them, with her back to them, and does absolutely all the work. For Madame, the advantage is that she can sleep with whomever she wants she doesn’t care since she does not see it. Depending on the mood, she may stand upright or lean forward to stimulate different parts of her vagina. indolent position kamasutra

The position of the Lotus

While kamasutra often requires us to hang and stretch, the lotus position is extremely comfortable. Intertwined by the legs, the 2 lovers are face to face and can look each other straight in the eyes while the penetration is done in a new and very pleasant angle. Not the most original of positrons but a real safe bet. lotus kamasutra position

The coiled angel

The position of the curled angel is perfect for small penises. The woman puts her legs on the shoulders of the man and thus offers him the opportunity to penetrate her as much as possible. So there is no loss and even penises of modest size can give pleasure. Also works with large penises. curled angel kamasutra

The act of return

Do not ask us for an explanation of the name of this position, we really do not know why it is called that. Sex position “from behind”, she sees the woman leaning on a table or furniture and being penetrated from behind. A little wild and anonymous, it will satisfy the less romantic. act of return kamasutra

The Union of the Elephant

It is found on the internet under the English name of prone bone. The woman is on her stomach, lying down, and the man penetrates her from behind. A kind of lying doggie, it allows deep penetration while allowing the woman to caress her clitoris during penetration. To practice with a lover not too heavy under penalty of dying suffocated. union of the elephant kamasutra

The Wolf

The wolf is a pretty wild position. The man stands behind the woman and takes her from behind. If the sizes are compatible, the woman can be legs outstretched and the arms placed either on a piece of furniture or on the floor if she is flexible enough. If there is too much difference in size, the woman can be raised by a bed, a sofa, a bench … We are therefore halfway between the indolent and the act of return. the wolf kamasutra


The position is very simple. The woman is lying on her back, the man penetrates her on her knees by lifting her pelvis, and the woman puts her feet behind the man. The advantage is that the woman can adjust the angle of penetration by pushing more or less on her legs. kamasutra ammunition

The antelope

The antelope is on the verge of too addictive and will not be within the reach of all couples. The man must lift the woman and carry her during penetration, so it will take a light woman or a very strong man. The advantage is that it allows you to penetrate very deeply but it is not easy. kamasutra antelope

The 69

We finish with a classic, the 69. Position that allows to stimulate to the maximum the erogenous zones of the 2 partners, it is mainly seen as a preliminary but can very well be practiced during intercourse. We can blame him that it does not allow either of them to focus on his pleasure but it is still unavoidable. 69 kamasutra