LadyXena, the escort site that goes up

· LadyXena, the escort site that goes up


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LadyXena is a site that makes its hole in the murky world of escort girl sites. After the disappearance of sites such as Niamodel and the prosecution of pimping, escort girl sites are renewing very quickly and LadyXena is one of the new strong brands in the sector.

LadyXena: A general escort site

The first time we heard the name LadyXena we necessarily thought of Xena the warrior and therefore of girls rather SM. It is not. LadyXena is a very classic escort site, very generalist, and if there are SM escorts as everywhere it is not at all a specialty of the site. Available in many languages and for many French, European and even international cities (Emirates, USA, Singapore, Morocco …), LadyXena is an international site but available for all cities in France, even the smallest. The site is free for customers, in theory also free for escorts but it still charges additional services to escorts wishing their ads to be seen by more Internet users. These paid options may be harmful to LadyXena since they can be equated with pimping by some judges.

Escorts on LadyXena

ladyxena escort

Some of LadyXena's listings detail practices and supplements.

LadyXena presents ads of escorts of all types and nationalities. There are professional escorts, occasional escorts, French or foreign. To distinguish the different escorts, LadyXena highlights those whose photos have been verified and who are therefore trustworthy. A VIP Escorts category is also available for high-end escort girl ads. Difficult to say what distinguishes VIP escorts from other LadyXena escorts, we saw one who says she posed for Playboy but the others did not seem very different from other escorts.

Announcements on LadyXena

LadyXena offers fairly simple ads, mainly relying on photos to attract the customer. Escorts have a space to introduce themselves but rarely detail the practices and almost never the rates. Their phone number is displayed in clear and most of the negotiations are therefore carried out outside LadyXena, directly on the phone. The most courted escorts are evaluated by clients who have used their services. Ratings are based on appearance and service criteria and comments can be written to complete the rating. LadyXena having a fairly recent success you will find quite few reviews for the moment, the feature being even under maintenance at the time of writing. Compared to other escort sites LadyXena is therefore a little late.

Actresses X and LadyXena

ladyxena functionalities

LadyXena's evaluation functionality does not yet work.

LadyXena inaugurates a new category, that of actress X escorts. We saw, with our article on PornEscort, that it is a market that works and LadyXena logically wants to take advantage of it. But for the moment we hardly see on the site that Sandra Romain as actress X a little known. If you want to meet an actress X escort we refer you to PornEscort, reference site on this market.

Our opinion on LadyXena

LadyXena is an escort girls ads site as there are many. Free and present throughout France, it has undeniable assets. However, it is a little behind technically and its attendance is for the moment too low for us to have interesting reviews on the girls posting their ads.

Alternatives to LadyXena

LadyXena has as its main competition escort girl sites such as Lovesita, SexeModel or PornEscort but it is also competing with dating sites of booty calls that allow you to find girls to sleep with for free. Among its main competitors we will mention Xflirt, RencontresHard or Edenflirt, the 3 sites of plans cul leader. On our side we really invite you to test these sites or read our article dedicated to the best ways to find an booty call on the Internet. You will see that it will be both more economical and more legal for you to register on such sites rather than looking to meet escorts at €150 or €200.

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