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Among the stars of TikTok, a French one stands out from all the others: LeaElui. A 19-year-old Savoyard girl, she became known for her very sexy dances and quickly seduced 13 million fans on the social network dedicated to dance. Among her assets we can of course mention her freshness, her sympathy and her talents as a dancer but her curves are not totally foreign to her success either. With her Shakira-worthy pelvis movements, and her never very covering clothes, she hypnotizes dance fans and sexyness lovers alike. Although she is very careful not to let a breast protrude so as not to expose herself to censorship, Lea Elui has recently been talked about with a breast that has made the trunk out of a top a little indented. Google LeaElui Topless queries then flared up and its notoriety then went beyond the borders of TikTok. If you ever missed it, here are some of the sexiest photos and hottest dances of the beautiful LeaElui.

Sexy photos of Lea Elui

Sexy Gif by Lea Elui from TikTok

Sexy Dances by LeaElui on TikTok

♬ @leaelui Trappea – Remix – Locura Mix

@leaelui Before or after ? 😘 ♬ Money (amended) – Cardi B

@leaelui Probably will delete this but whatever🥴 I'm shadowbanned 🤦🏻 ♀️♥️ ♬ often remix – Camille

@leaeluiit's way harder than it looks omg🥴 ♬ Joro – WizKid

@leaelui Only you got me feeling like this♥️ ♬ comment hi if noah beck is your husband… – wow.tunez 👀

@leaelui I kinda miss this hair color🥴 What do you guys think? ♥️ ♬ originalljud – _anna_lindholm_