The different types of sexual massage

· The different types of sexual massage


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Sexual massages, also called erotic massages, are a fairly special discipline in the world of relaxation. Traditional in some cultures, they can be assimilated to prostitution and therefore be punished by law. But for a layman, it is difficult to find your way between massage with finish, tantric massage and naturist massage. If you are looking to combine relaxation and sexual pleasure, we help you to see more clearly.

Massage with finish

Most Chinese massage parlors offer manual finishes.

Most Chinese massage parlors offer manual finishes.

We have already devoted an article to the subject that fascinates most men. The massage with finish is the best known of the sexual massages but it is not actually a type of massage in its own right since it consists only of finishing a relaxation session, whatever it is, with a finish most of the time manual. You will find much more rarely massages with oral finish but then it will really be pure prostitution. In massage parlors with finish, it is rare that the masseuses are of quality. They know that customers come mainly for finishing, they are not always well paid and not always very motivated. If you are really looking to relax and free yourself from back pain, we will advise you to go see your physiotherapist 🙂 To find a massage parlor with finish it is usually not very complicated. As soon as you see a Chinese massage parlor with a storefront a little blurry, a little masked, a little cheap, you come in and you openly ask the question. You will surely not be the first and there is little chance that you will choquire them. Be polite and open in case of refusal and everything will go well. Don't forget to ask for the rate, it's always more relaxing not to have to think about it once inside. In general, you will be offered to choose and adjust your massage at the counter and set the finish directly with the masseuse in the form of a tip. Some masseuses ask for 40 €, some customers give 10 € but an average tip for a finish will generally be around 20 €. For the price of the massage itself you can find low-end ones at 30 € and it can go much higher. As for the service of the masseuse, most are content to massage your crotch, some linger on your prostate and others, rarer, let themselves be touched, fingered or kissed during the massage. Of course, the service is not described anywhere, you will not be able to know what the masseuse accepts until once in a situation.

Masseuses at home

photo sexy gif porn massage

In the case of a reciprocal massage you will have the opportunity to massage your masseuse.

Some Chinese masseuses choose to emancipate themselves by becoming independent and offering massages at home. To make themselves known, they publish their ads on sites such as Wannonce but often remain ambiguous about the true nature of their services. Even if some are real massage professionals in the sense of almost physiotherapeutic, know that most are halfway between escorting and massage with finish. So it's not uncommon for them to offer options such as mouth finishing or even love even if they don't mention it in their ads. If you are interested in such a service, you will have to contact them by phone and check that they can offer you what you are looking for. As with the massage with finish, it is obviously more about prostitution than relaxation.

Anal or prostate massage

Some Chinese masseuses offer, at the end of the session, an anal massage also called prostate massage. This massage is appreciated by some men but is quite discouraged from a health point of view. Indeed, if the masseuse offers it to you there are chances that they offer it to all her customers and you can not be sure of the hygiene rules she follows. His hands can therefore pass from anus to anus to yours and carry bacteria that can do damage. So be very careful when a masseuse offers you a prostate massage, listen to yourself and trust your instincts before accepting. And do not hesitate to ask the masseuse to use a disposable glove during the anal massage, it will protect you from any infection.

Tantric massages

Tantric massage is a pure moment of relaxation. Inspired by Hinduism, it is made naked and mixes a Zen atmosphere, with music and candles for example, and massage by touches and caresses. All the senses are worked during a tantric massage, candles stimulate your sense of smell, hot drinks can stimulate your taste, caresses play on touch, music on your sight and music on your hearing. The scenario of a tantric massage is always the same. You will lie on your stomach on a futon, naked, and the masseuse will massage you for 30 minutes using each part of her body. Warm oils will be spread over your body to promote gliding and accentuate comfort and sliding. The purpose of this half hour of caresses is to gently raise the desire in you. Concretely, during your first tantric massages, the desire will not rise slowly at all! But if you owe a regular of the kind you will quickly find a great pleasure not to go too fast in work. The second half hour will pass for you on your back. Massages and caresses will continue but your intimacy will be freer and more stimulated. You can also, if the masseuse accepts it, use your arms to touch and caress her. We are talking about external caresses, not sexual caresses. Tantric massage is a massage that requires concentration, fingering the masseuse could excite you but it would make the massage less precise and therefore less pleasant. Finally, tantric massages usually offer a manual finish. Once again, we are in a legal limbo that will require oral clarification before booking the service. In countries other than France salons offer supervised services where everything is written in black and white and where the massage can end with an oral finish or sex but in France you will have to accept this blur. Tantric massage can be practiced with 4 hands. In this case the price will logically be almost 2 times higher but you will also benefit from 2 times more sensations. At the beginning you can be satisfied with a single masseuse, switch to the 4 hands when you really know how to control the rise of your desire or when you look for new sensations. For a real tantric massage the price can rise very quickly beyond 200 or even 300 €. The paradox is that the trained masseuses have studied and logically do not want to be confused with prostitutes. So for a real tantric massage in the rules of the art you will have to pay dearly without having the guarantee to go to pleasure. To go to the pleasure you will have to turn to less well-trained masseuses, also cheaper, but who will ensure you a finish at least manual. It's up to you to see if you are looking for the awakening of the senses or the finish.

Naturist massages

Naturist massages are often confused with tantric massages but they are actually quite different. The only specifications that a naturist massage must respect is to be carried out without clothing both on the masseuse and on the massaged. Some masseuses keep their thong but in this case it is not a naturist massage. The interest of naturist massage is both in terms of touch, skin to skin, and sight which is necessarily more pleasant on a naked body than on a dressed body. The content of the massage can be of any kind. You can perform Thai, Chinese, Tantric massages as a naturist… Naturism should be seen as an option to a traditional massage. In the small lounges you will find around 100 €. More well-known shows such as Natur & Zen are positioned on the most high-end and quickly rise above 150 € per 30 minutes. Much like for tantric massage, the higher the salon is the smaller the chances that you can benefit from a finish of any type. Mutual massage offers allow you to massage the masseuse. While it's nice to massage a pretty, fully, paying to massage someone seems a little strange to us.

Le massage Body Body

The naturist body body massage is very sensual but you will have to check that your masseuse agrees to do the finishes.

The naturist body body massage is very sensual but you will have to check that your masseuse agrees to do the finishes.

One of the services often offered, with an additional cost, is the body body massage. As its name suggests, the body body massage is a massage that is not only performed with the hands but also with the body of the masseuse. It is therefore halfway between tantric massage and naturist massage. Although very sensual, it is not necessarily sexual in nature. Many salons offer naturist body body massages without it being possible to obtain a finish. If you want to finish your body body with a finish take care to inquire before your reservation about the policy of the establishment in which you are going.

The massage parlours of rue St Denis

We end this article on sexual massages with a street to avoid at all costs. Rue St Denis is known to be one of the historic streets of sex in Paris and many sex shops have diversified their activities by offering massages with finishing. These sex shops are only there for tourists and are usually scams pure and simple. The menu may be displayed in full letter at the entrance, payment by blue card may be accepted, you will not have the right to much once one-on-one with the masseuse, masseuse who will probably be the cashier you will have met at the entrance. These masseuses have only one mission, to push you to spend more. Your massage, or your dance if you have chosen this formula, will be shipped and they will push you to take more by talking openly about prostitution. But never pay more than what you dropped at the entrance because the masseuse will not give you anything. She won't even finish you herself. You will be alone with your sex to, lighter by a few tens or even hundreds of euros.

Soon a label to penalize sex massage parlors

While the fight against prostitution has never been stronger in France, Nathalie Kosciuzco-Morizet has decided to go even further than the law penalizing the clients of prostitutes. His hobby horse: the fight against massage parlors with finish.

Hypocrisy or tolerance?

The problem of Chinese massage parlors is not new but the virtuous establishment label will surely not solve it.

The problem of Chinese massage parlors is not new but the virtuous establishment label will surely not solve it.

NKM denounces an immense hypocrisy consisting in fighting against street prostitution while tolerating massage parlours with finishes that can be assimilated to brothels. From a hundred in 2009 to more than 570 today, the number of Parisian massage parlors has exploded and the majority of them offer sexual services to their customers. Beyond the sole fight against disguised prostitution, what bothers NKM and local residents is first of all the positioning of these salons, sometimes located close to schools or businesses frequented by families and children.

A virtuous establishment label under study

As the services are offered by mutual agreement by the masseuses, in the privacy of the cabin, it is difficult to condemn and close these establishments even if some networks have already been dismantled. To fight against massage parlours with finish the idea of a label virtuous establishment emerges. This label would allow customers to identify that they are entering a massage parlor offering only serious services provided by qualified staff. But this idea is, in our opinion, a real bad idea and would obviously achieve the opposite results to those sought.

How to recognize a massage parlor with finish thanks to the virtuous establishment label

If massage parlors with finishing flourish it is because there is a real big market for this type of services. We will not debate here the legitimacy or not of the penalization of the clients of prostitutes but what we are sure of is that a label virtuous establishment would first be used by lovers of massage with finish to recognize the salons to avoid and, by extension, the salons to frequent to benefit from sexual favors. Fancy a massage with finish? Just go to a living room without a label! We do not really know what politicians think when they imagine their laws and regulations but the idea of the label virtuous establishment is probably the most stupid that we could consider for a long time.