Ohlala, the Uber of prostitution

· Ohlala, the Uber of prostitution


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The Ohlala application has just launched in Germany and is already making headlines all over the world. A kind of Uber of prostitution, Ohlala offers to connect professional or amateur prostitutes with customers.

How does Ohlala work?

Ohlala takes up the principle that made Uber successful. The client can make a request specifying what he expects from the escort or prostitute he wishes to meet. Practical, type of girl, price… the man, since it is necessarily the man who pays and the woman who is paid, sends his request to the network of prostitutes connected to ohlala and the girls are then free to respond favorably or not. Once a girl has accepted the man's request, client and prostitutes chat on ohlala's cat to arrange the physical appointment.

Ohlala, escort and prostitution

In the speech of the founder of ohlala it is never really about sex. Ohlala connects people who are willing to exchange money for a company. It is therefore more about escort than prostitution. Of course, in fact, no man will pay only to be kept company and Ohlala will of course promote the services of prostitutes.

In Berlin and soon all over the world

ohlala uber prostitution

The Ohlala application is being translated into English to launch its international development.

For the moment, Ohlala is only available in Berlin but its development should soon take place internationally. Given its ohlala positioning will only be able to develop in countries where prostitution and especially pimping are not prohibited. Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands should be the first targets of Ohlala, these countries being not only tolerant with prostitution but also very frequented by lovers of prostitutes.

What about an Uber of French prostitution or the development of ohlala in France?

In France and abroad, the development of Ohlala will already have to go through the acceptance of the application by the appstores of Apple and Android. And we can already bet that Apple will never accept such an application on its store and this may slow down the development of Ohlala. In France, ohlala will also come up against the legislation on prostitution . Pimping is the act of connecting clients and prostitutes in exchange for money and Ohlala could therefore meet this definition and therefore be illegal. It is therefore more than unlikely that one day the Ohlala application will arrive in France, especially with future laws toughening the repression against the clients of prostitutes.