The criminalization of the clients of prostitutes voted in the National Assembly

· The criminalization of the clients of prostitutes voted in the National Assembly


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In the pipes for many months, the penalization of the clients of prostitutes was voted by the National Assembly. By abolishing the crime of passive solicitation and penalizing the clients of prostitutes, this law reverses the responsibility for prostitution. 

Criminalization of clients of prostitutes but tolerance for escort sites

criminalization of prostitutes

The prostitutes of Belleville already live in precariousness and must be less and less attentive to the choice of customers

While escort ad sites have long been in the crosshairs of deputies, they finally escape the technical and administrative blockage. Threatened with being treated as terrorist sites, they will eventually still be accessible but their owners will remain under the threat of prosecution for pimping if they were to charge the escorts in exchange for more visibility. For the clients of prostitutes, the penalties incurred are not yet known. But whatever they are, the impact of simple lawsuits on clients' family lives should encourage them to avoid dating prostitutes.

Consequences difficult to assess

On paper there is not much wrong with this law. We are not supporters of prostitution or the use of prostitution, which often hides dramatic human realities. But concretely it is difficult to imagine clients who like to associate with prostitutes suddenly change their sex life. We can just think that they will adapt by being less visible, avoiding the main alleys of the Bois de Boulogne, the rue St Denis, the Maréchaux… and, ultimately, it is the prostitutes who risk paying for this greater promiscuity. Between clients whose sex lives depend on prostitution and prostitutes who have to sell their bodies to survive, there is little chance that habits will actually change.

An opportunity for plan cul sites

What is certain is that this new legislation will benefit dating sites specializing in booty calls. Sites such as www. or www. connect adults looking for regular or occasional booty calls and are becoming increasingly successful. A success that should continue to grow with the criminalization and the first convictions of clients of prostitutes.