Prositution and Covid – What protections for customers?



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In the age of Covid, prostitution is in crisis. Whether it is luxury escorting or street prostitution, clients have deserted and it has become very complicated for prostitutes to make a living from their work (so much so that many are reconverting to webcam porn). But the whores are gradually returning to the streets and have put in place sanitaine protocols that allow them to work pretty much safely. But is it always pleasant for the customer?

Prostitutes must protect themselves from STIs and Covid-19

Clients who have gone to see prostitutes recently all tell us, sexual intercourse can be very dehumanized. In Belleville, the walkers all wear masks which makes it difficult to know if a girl really pleases us and also complex to make sure of the real majority of girls. Customers therefore take health risks but also criminal risks, paid relations being prohibited, a fortiori with a minor girl. Once agreed with the girl, customers are taken to makeshift apartments with mattresses on the floor and mandatory passage through the bottle of hydro-alcoholic gel. Sexual intercourse then takes place with hood, mandatory for STIs, and wearing a surgical mask or FFP2. As much to tell you that glamour remains in the locker room for those who risk sleeping with prostitutes in times of Covid and confinement.

Walking prostitutes and curfew

Obviously, all this works when the curfew is not at 6pm or 7pm. When you are a street prostitute, it is difficult to present a professional certificate to the police officers who come to control you. Those who have tried the walk in the neighborhoods with Parisian prostitutes, on the return from the office for example, will be able to confirm that nothing happens after 7pm. Those who used to work on the street created their listing on Wannonce or arranged to give their contact information to their clients for direct contact. And girls of foreign origin took the opportunity to return to their countries of origin.

Do prostitutes sleep without masks?

We are talking here about a precarious profession, working illegally and living in poverty since the beginning of Covid. Once we have said all this, we can therefore conclude that it is very complicated for them to refuse customers who do not want to sleep with a mask. Finally it is the only common sense of the customer who will be able to protect them from Covid, as for AIDS or other infections. If the client is smart, he will keep his mask and ask the prostitute to keep it too, for his own protection. Otherwise, girls will most often have to give in, at the risk of their health. Another possibility, escorts will be able to charge in addition to the fucking without a bareback mask by charging for the risk they will agree to take.

What about the Covid Vaccine?

Unfortunately, many prostitutes live illegally on French territory and will not be eligible for the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. We may think that when the French are vaccinated the virus will circulate less and that prostitutes will be less in danger but at the moment we do not know if vaccination prevents contamination. We can therefore only hope that the Health Insurance also takes care of undeclared workers and people in an irregular situation.