Prostitutes in Montpellier – Where to find whores in Montpellier?



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Located in a very active region at the cul level (with the proximity of the Cap d'Agde in particular), Montpellier is a city where the demand for prostitutes is very high. Despite competition from Spain where prostitution is legal, there is a large population of prostitutes and sex workers on the streets of Montpellier. Let's take stock of the whores of Montpellier and the neighborhoods in which they work.

Legal reminder about prostitution in Montpellier

In Montpellier as everywhere in France, seek the services of a prostitute or any sex worker (escort, masseuse with finish …) is illegal. Whores have the right to work but customers do not have the right to employ them. It may sound weird but that's the way it is. The Spanish border is only a 2-hour drive away, so it is not uncommon to see young Montpellier residents making the journey for a weekend to enjoy the brothels available by ten a few hectometers from the French border. The information we give you in this article is therefore to be taken with tweezers and we recommend you, rather than putting yourself in the illegality, to register on a site of plan cul or a libertine social network to easily find one-night stands.

Streets and neighborhoods for prostitutes in Montpellier

Since the law penalizing the clients of prostitutes and even more since the confinement, whores have deserted the streets of the capital of Hérault. However, there are still a few who are trying to survive in a difficult context. Most settled on the outskirts of the Avenue d'Assas or on the Avenue de Toulouse, in the district of the Silver Cross, where African prostitutes offered their services. There is also a prostitution originating in Eastern Europe in the district of the roundabout of the great M. The population of prostitutes was estimated at about 1000 individuals in the Montpellier agglomeration before the confinement. This figure may have dropped a little because customers are scarce and many whores have turned to other sex jobs such as webcam porn but it says a lot about the depth of the offer when looking for a whore in Montpellier.

A violent context for Montpellier prostitutes

If whores are deserting more and more the streets of Montpellier it is because the context is violent for them. The law penalizing clients pushes prostitutes away from areas guarded by the police, which exposes them to violent acts, either by customers or by thieves attracted by the cash they must have on them. Tensions also appear between the abolitionist movement of the Nest and the prostitutes, some having even vandalized the premises of the association advocating the total prohibition of prostitution.

What price for a whore in Montpellier?

The prices charged by prostitutes in Montpellier have been falling since the lockdown. As customers no longer come, prostitutes are forced to pull prices down to survive. This precariousness pushes them to accept passes from 30 €, a misery.

Montpellier escorts present on the internet

To prevent their clients from exposing themselves on the street and to obtain more acceptable working conditions, more and more prostitutes are turning to escorting on the internet. On the Montpellier page of 6annonce we find about twenty escorts who will receive you at her home. The prices have nothing to do with those of street whores since it will take around 150 € per half hour to use their services.