Prostitutes in Nantes – What are the whore neighborhoods in Nantes?

· Prostitutes in Nantes – What are the whore neighborhoods in Nantes?


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City of sailors with St Nazaire, Nantes has naturally always attracted the whores of the region. Historically, prostitutes have made the capital of Brittany their stronghold. Today, although prostitution is penalized for clients, there are still many prostitutes on the streets of Nantes. If you are looking for the whore neighborhoods in Nantes, here is a small list.

Fewer and fewer prostitutes in the streets of Nantes

Despite the history of Nantes, there are only about fifty prostitutes in the various districts of Nantes. Numerous police raids have undermined street prostitution networks and only a few independents remain. Between the time we write these lines and the moment you look for a prostitute in the streets of Nantes new escorts may have arrived or old networks may have disappeared.

The Nantes whores of the Boulevard Shuman

Boulevard Shuman, to the end of the cobblestones, a dozen prostitutes offer their past services 22h. The police know this and make their rounds in the neighborhood and their presence may push them to hide. Depending on the evening you pass you can therefore come across many whores or find the deserted streets.

Historic districts of prostitution in Nantes

There are fewer and fewer whores in the streets of Nantes

There are fewer and fewer whores in the streets of Nantes

Gare maritime, place République, rue de Strasbourg, rue Paul Bellamy… So many names of neighborhoods and streets synonymous with prostitution for all Nantes. In all, there are about thirty whores crisscrossing these streets in search of customers. These are both girls of passage as prostitutes present for years in the streets of Nantes. If you want to find a whore in Nantes this is where you have to look.

The prostitutes of Gloriette and Feydeau in the city center

The city center of Nantes is not very rich in prostitutes, the city does not want them to be very visible, but you will still find some in these 2 areas, especially from Eastern Europe. South American trans and transvestite prostitute themselves towards Feydeau but they never exceed ten.

From Cardo to the train station, prostitutes from Africa

On the axis from the train station to Cardo, prostitutes from Black Africa offer their services. They are often held by networks so, depending on whether the police bring down their network or not, they may not be present.

Find a Nantes whore on the Internet

As has been said, it is illegal, as a client, to use the services of a prostitute. If you get caught in the street recruiting a whore you will risk being prosecuted by the courts. To avoid this for their clients, many nantes sex workers have posted their ads on the internet, on sites such as Wannonce or Lovesita, and manage their appointments with their customers by SMS. These escorts most often receive at home but can also practice outcall, that is to say go to your home for a supplement. The use of an internet escort is as illegal as the services of a street whore but many customers prefer it, despite the higher price, because it is more discreet.

Use booty call sites to fuck in Nantes

Like any young city, Nantes has sexual dating sites. These sites bringing together singles, naughty and libertines allow you to find booty calls for free after chatting on their internal social network. The best known is certainly www. that was left by the amateur porn giant and which brings together hundreds of thousands of members throughout the France (probably about ten thousand in Nantes and its region). These sites are perfect if you want to fuck but don't want to take the risk of being caught with a whore by the police.