What about FrancoLive, the French cam site?



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FrancoLive is a french free cam site. On FrancoLive, amateurs and professional actresses show themselves in cam to the delight of visitors. But what about FrancoLive? Is it a good cam site? Can we meet people on www. FrancoLive.com? All these questions are answered.

What is FrancoLive?

FrancoLive is the first French 2 cam website. Identical to the American sites Cam4 or CamWithHer, FrancoLive allows its visitors to exchange with girls filming themselves in front of their webcam.Through the chat or cam 1 on 1, the members of FrancoLive will be able to chat with charming and open girls and more if affinities.

Can we meet people on FrancoLive?

Yes, it is possible to meet people on FrancoLive. This is not the core business of the site but it is not uncommon to see the current pass between a member and a camgirl and to see this relationship lead to a meeting. If you want to meet other sites may be better indicated but if you want to try to meet a dream girl as we find only on cam sites then register on FrancoLive.

FrancoLive's strengths

In the world of cam sites, FrancoLive already stands out for its position as the leading French site. Sites like Cam4 or CamWithHer are very interesting but are placed under other time zones, so it is not easy to meet quality cams and girls. On FrancoLive, the girls are French, so they speak the same language as you and have the same cultural references as you. For a Frenchman, there is no photo, Francolive is much superior to other cam sites.

Another strong point, the girls who expose themselves in cam on Francolive are absolutely beautiful. Whether they are amateurs, animators or porn actresses, the girls at FrancoLive are above anything you can imagine. And this exceptional level establishes a healthy competition between the girls which has the effect of raising the level every week a little more.


Francolive is free. You can create your account for free, access free lounges, start watching cams… But to interact with the girls you will have to buy credits. These credits are not essential to enjoy the site but they will allow you to access private cams, chat with the girls you meet, access votes and promotions, etc … The advantage of this credit system is that you can spend the amount you want. There is no mandatory subscription, no recurring expenses… you spend what you want.

Our opinion on FrancoLive

FrancoLive is undoubtedly the best cam site for a French living in France. The quality of the girls present on the site, the schedules of the shows compatible with our availability and the possibility of easily dialogue with fantastic ladies make FrancoLive an essential site for any cam lover who respects himself.