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Although she is still little known to the general public, Ruby Nikara is breaking through among fans of reality TV, rap and clash. Inspired by rappers such as Cardi B, Ruby Nikara likes to create a buzz by clashing people better known than her (Sarah Fraisou for example) or by showing off in a small outfit or even topless in her clips or in her lives on social networks (instagram / snapchat). Her twitter account has 12,000 followers 9 months after its launch and she animates it brilliantly by spreading honey on the breasts or rapping in a nuisette. And if we have to talk about his art, it is his song 1 millimeter that has been the most successful with more than 2 million views (but we do not understand too much what it is about). As you will have understood, it is essentially the vulgar side of Ruby Nikara that earned her her little success and she exploited it again yesterday by exposing herself in lingerie, ass in the air, on a live instagram of her friend AdLaurent_Fit. To help you get to know her better, here are some sexy videos of Ruby Nikara and photos of Ruby Nikara Nue.

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Photos of Ruby Nikara Nue

Sexy videos of Ruby Nikara Nue

Ruby Nikara twerks and shows her breasts and ass

Ruby Nikara shows her breasts live insta with ADLaurent_fit