The best sites like cam4 – December 2022

· The best sites like cam4 – December 2022


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If cam4 is one of the leaders in sexy cam chats, many sites like cam4 exist with each their specialties. According to your tastes, here are the best sites like cam4. Of course, like Cam4, all of the sites below are reserved for an adult audience.

Eurolive: The Cam4 with private cam chat

Eurolive is a site very similar to cam4. Offering sexy cam chats with girls from all over Europe, Eurolive offers, in addition to cam4, private cam chats. By booking your slot in the Eurolive schedule you can make an appointment with one of the models and start a sexy cam chat in private. Ideal for bonding and even succeeding in meeting models in real life. A little extra that cam4 lacks.

MadameCam: The cam4 of cougars

On Cam4 the models come from all over the world and we find both single girls, couples, straight, gays … If you like cougars, MadameCam is for you. Kind of cam4 specialized in cougars and mature women, MadameCam will allow you to attend sexy shows of mature women, in a group or in private. Because like Eurolive, MadameCam will allow you to exchange in private sexy cam chat with mature women who show off on the site.

Xcams: The cam4 100% porn actresses

On Cam4, some porn actresses come to do event shows. Among the best known we can talk about Nikita Bellucci or Ana Polina. However, most cam4 models remain amateur animators and the quality of their shows can sometimes be affected. If you like porn actresses, a sexy cam site has specialized and offers you sexy cam chats 100 stars of the X. In private or in a group you will attend ultra hot cam chats with stars such as Estelle Desanges, Helena Karel, Oksana or Liza del Sierra. The porn actresses present on the site are in their vast majority French, you can very quickly create links with her, ideal when you dream of sleeping with a porn actress.

Live18 years: A cam4 full of teens

If you like teens, Live18ans is a site you need to know. Specialized in teens, this site similar to cam4 offers webcam shows of girls with teen physique. The site being a reference, it rigorously checks the majority of its models, so you can chat webcam with sexy teens while being sure of their majority and therefore the legality of your approach. You will be able to make private cams with them, so the site has a big potential for real dating.

KeumShow: The gay cam4

If cam4 offers gay cam chats, it is not strictly speaking specialized in gay webcams. If you are looking for a sexy gay cam chat, KeumShow is one of the best. By offering some of the sexiest models on the web KeumShow quickly forged the reputation of the hottest gay cam site on the market.

TranSexLive: The cam4 of transsexuals

Last site of our selection, and we can say that we will have really covered all the fantasies, the cam4 of transsexuals. Present episodically on Cam4, transsexuals are nevertheless difficult to find. If you want to watch 100% transsexual sexy cam chats or even get private webcam shows with transsexuals go on TranSexLive. Undoubtedly one of the most richly endowed sites with transsexuals from all over the world, TranSexLive works like Cam4, private shows in addition.

Update 2020 : Purlive le cam4 low cost

A newcomer to the world of sites like cam4 is Purlive. A member of the Eurolive group, Purlive presents beginner models that are formed by participating in low-cost hot webcams. On PurLive, tokens are cheaper and models require less than on sites like cam4 to practice this or that act. If you want to test sites like cam4 and especially the chat cam 1 vs 1, Purlive is for you. A one-on-one cam chat will only cost you a few euros, ideal to test the principle and possibly continue with more confirmed models on more expensive sites.

The only real competitor to Cam4

In 2022, only one real competitor has emerged for cam4, it is chaturbate. As much from a UX point of view as from a quality point of view of camgirls, www. is probably the only webcam site to rise to the level of cam4. If we had to recommend only one it would be this one