Pierre Woodman: Clean male or Dirty?

· Pierre Woodman: Clean male or Dirty?


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portrait-stone-woodmanPierre Woordman and his castings are staples of French porn. With his recognizable private castings between 1000, Pierre Woodman created a style but also attracted some enemies. Stylish but decried, Pierre Woodman deserves to be the star of our first Clean male or Dirty?.

Pierre Woodman : The clean male

Suffice it to say right away, for us Pierre Woodman is a real clean male. Even if his castings are a bit raw formwork, Pierre Woodman still pays great attention to girls. Out of the question for him to sleep directly with a girl. By asking many questions to the castrated actresses, Pierre Woodman is finally more interested in her in 30 minutes than their assholes of guys will do in several years. During the act, Pierre Woodman continues to be considerate. Not a single one of his castings that does not begin without a long cunnilingus lavished on his partner. Most of the time, Pierre even goes so far as to bring his partner to orgasm by the sheer force of his tongue. Admit that even you who live like a lover are far from being so caring with your wife. And he can put the cover back 4 to 5 times in a row, enough to satisfy the longest to come of the ladies.

Pierre Woodman and his wife. Source: Wikipedia

Pierre Woodman and his wife.
Source: Wikipedia

Once he's done, Pierre Woodman systematically kisses the girl he just slept with. And not a small smac quickly done as many guys are content to make, no, a real big shovel with a nice little word for his partner. And Pierre Woodman even galoche the little ones to whom he has just spat in the mouth. My sperma is no problem he replies to the girls who are surprised. He is like that Pierre, he does not do to others what he will not like to be done to him, he puts himself at the level of his actresses. A gentleman. To go in the direction of Pierre Woodman is a clean male, we will add that Pierre discovered some of the most beautiful actresses, Anetta Keys and Angel Dark having started with him. And the vast majority of actresses who have worked with him are delighted to have done so. And then see his wife, if that's not a clean male woman…

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Pierre Woodman: The Dirty

But Pierre Woodman doesn't just have fans. His somewhat violent style, his insults, the decoration of the hotels where he turns or the age and nationality of his models are, for some people, good reasons to attack him. On the subject of violence, we know that the tag rough sex is a must for ass sites. More than the tone of the act, it is therefore rather the consent of the actress that is in question. In most videos, consent is obvious but it is true that some actresses seem a little less voluntary and can go so far as to cry. Not very male clean as behavior but Pierre Woodman responds to this that the vast majority of actresses continue in porn and especially in rough porn, a sign according to him that they have not been traumatized. On the insults, they became the trademark of Pierre Woodman. Chiennasse and Salope de pute are his favorites and define him almost as much as Nabila's Allo. What some people reproach him with is speaking in French when his models do not understand this language. But to reproach him for this is to show bad faith because Pierre Woodman also knows how to call his actresses fucking bitch, like Nelson Monfort he is his own translator and who will dare to say that Nelson Monfort is not a gentleman ?? Who???!! On the decoration of the hotels Pierre is on the other hand indefensible. Grey walls, disguised paintings… It feels like a Derrick. Even if you're touring in countries I'm sure you could find better for your daughters. A little Effort Pierrot! On the age and nationality of the models, the attacks that Pierre Woodman suffers are quite stupid. He systematically checks the age of his models and shoots in Eastern European countries that no longer have anything of the economically devastated countries that most French people imagine. In addition, Pierre Woodman has worked with many French women and we can not blame him for being a citizen of the world. And yeah… To summarize, Pierre Woodman is a bad boy who could insist a little more on the consent of his actresses. I keep in mind this mythical phrase You don't want? It's too late! addressed to a girl who had just received her semen in her mouth. It's not very clean that.

Then? Clean or Dirty Pierre Woodman?

In our opinion, Pierre Woodman is a real clean male. Out of his native Auvergne he slept with hundreds (thousands?) of women all more beautiful than the others, has succeeded in his family life by marrying a beautiful woman and behaves like a gentleman with most of the girls with whom he sleeps. Some of his practices seem incompatible with the posture of clean male (he still pissed on Angel Dark!) but overall Pierre Woodman receives hands down his diploma of Clean Male. And then as long as he annoys feminists he can slaughter baby cats or shit on the elderly, he will keep all our esteem.