Tescort – Newcomer in Escort Ads

· Tescort – Newcomer in Escort Ads


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Tescort is a site of escort girl and trans ads that has just been born. Once considered the new 6announcement, Tescort actually seems to be a new site coming to occupy the same niche. Introducing Tescort, the new escort girl site.

If you know 6ad you won't be lost on Tescort

The least we can say is that Tescort is very close in its ergonomics to its great competitor 6annonce. The navigation is identical and the terms used are also very close. On Tescort as on 6ad you will find the terms of escorts, can find trans escorts and city tours. The filters for ads are also identical with ads with video, with rating, and escort ads currently online. tescort review 6adLet us be clear, if such a copy had been made in a legal environment, it would probably have given rise to an infringement lawsuit. But the world of escort ads is not regulated by law, 6annonce will have no recourse and, as a consumer, you can just look forward to finding your habits from one site to another.

tescort 6ad reviews

The design and ergonomics of Tescort and 6annonce are very close to each other.

Already quite a few ads on Tescort

Tescort may be a very young site, but it already contains a lot of ads in all its sections. After the 6-ad downtime, we can imagine that many escorts have fallen back to their competitor in order to lose as few customers as possible. At one point, there was even talk of a migration of 6ad to Tescort but this rumor has never been confirmed, the 2 sites living today side by side. For comparison, at the time of writing, Tescort has 163 ads in Paris against 335 out of 6ads, 35 in Lyon against 53 out of 6 ads and 25 in Marseille, as many out of 6 ads. We did not compare everything but you find duplicate ads if you compare tescort and 6ad. Once the two sites are stabilized at the technical level and at the audience level, no doubt the escorts will choose to be present only on one of the 2 sites to not pay 2 times.

A strange timing for the launch of Tescort

We may find it strange to launch a new escort site at a time when it is a question of judicially blocking this kind of site. Doubt has hovered over the repeated breakdowns of 6 announcements but it is certain that the period is not favorable to the launch of sites that can be assimilated to pimping sites. We will therefore observe over time both the evolutions of the draft law governing prostitution and escorts on the internet and the evolutions made to the Tescort site. For the moment the frontal competition between 6annonce and Tescort does not announce anything good for at least one of the 2 sites.

Tescort's competitors

Obviously the main competitor of Tescort is 6annonce, a leading site in the field of escort ads on the internet. But Tescort also faces competition from legal cul plan sites such as www. Xflirt.com that allow you to meet liberated girls looking for booty calls only. While the judicial context calms down around escort sites we will rather favor non-priced booty call dating sites to borderline escort sites with the law.