Trans Escort: The Hidden Business of Transsexual Escort Girls


None of your friends will admit to using a trans escort. Yet, on escort sites, transsexuals are the stars and there is no shortage of customers. Who uses trans escorts? How to find a transexual escort on the internet? We have sought answers to questions that no one dares to ask in public for fear of judgment.

Who are the clients of trans escorts?

Oddly enough, trans escorts have a very large clientele. Many men are intrigued by transexuals and seek to satisfy their curiosity. And trans people are not easy to find in his everyday life, at work or in the evening, these men resort to transsexual escorts. If they are still targets of mockery at the cantonade, know that trans escort clients are everywhere and that what is judged as a perversion in public is in fact often a fantasy not assumed in private. Moreover, when you browse on the escort ads of the 3rd sex it is not uncommon to find the mention celebrities welcome indicating that they meet stars more often than one would imagine.

What are the rates for these escorts?

Trans escorts are very popular and are therefore often more expensive than the average escort. Whatever their physique or reputation, transexual escorts often have the rates of luxury escorts. It must be said that for these rates trans escorts ensure complete confidentiality very appreciated by their customers often quite frightened by the possible revelation of their love of transsexuals.

Where to find trans escorts?

We are not very hot to help you find trans escorts directly because we do not really know the legislation on pimping. Just know that sites such as Niamodel (now disappeared), sexmodel or 6annonce have many trans escort ads all over France via city tours. We still do not know if these sites are legal or not and what will be the consequences of the entry into force of the Vallaud-Belkacem law on their activity but in the meantime they are online. For massages with trans for even for classic escorting a site like Wannonce is also very present on the market of transgender and shemale lovers.

Alternatives to escort sites

If the law penalizing prostitution comes into force, which is sure to happen, it will be necessary to find alternatives to escorts to be able to sleep with transsexuals. 100% legal dating sites such as www. will fortunately allow you to meet transsexuals who will not make you pay to sleep with you. For a monthly subscription of between 25 and 40 € depending on the duration of the commitment, you will be able to meet transsexuals near you that you can seduce as you would with any man or woman. The advantage of this system is that you will not risk anything criminally since it will be pure seduction, that from your first meeting the subscription will be refunded by the fact of not having to pay for a transsexual escort, and that trans people are often more numerous than non-trans and that we therefore make many meetings. You can even live real beautiful stories with a transexual. These dating sites allow transsexuals to find love or booty calls without exposing themselves to the mockery that accompanies them in real life, so the dating rate is particularly high. Whether or not we like trans escorts and transsexuals in general, we can only salute the social role that such transsexual dating sites play.

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