Which cam sites pay camgirls the most?



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If you want to get started as a camgirl, the first question you need to ask yourself is which cam site to sign up for. This first choice is crucial because it is on this site that you will build your community of fans and it will be complicated to migrate from one site to another once your community as a camgirl has been formed. And naturally, the question that will guide your choice is that of which site pays the camgirls the best?.

The Main Webcam Sites to Consider as a Camgirl

If you want to get started, you're spoilt for choice. Here we list the best webcam sites, and what is valid for customers is generally valid for camgirls. Careful ergonomics, a strong community and a French reputation are the elements that should allow you to prioritize the platform. Which brings us to the following shortlist:

  • Chaturbate: A well-known world leader in France
  • Cam4 : May be the most well-known porn cam site in France
  • XloveCams: A European leader with growing notoriety

Other very good porn webcam sites can be eliminated because little known in France (MyFreeCams), benefiting from an average image (LiveJasmin) or having a non-payment liability with camgirls (camcokine). So we will start from this shortlist to start talking about remuneration.

What commission do porn webcam sites take from camgirls?

It's quite opaque and it's complicated to make it clear what percentage of commissions webcam sites take. If we listen to camgirls who live daily from their broadcasts , the commissions are generally around 50%. Some sites took less but their business model was not safe and put at risk the camgirls who entrusted them with their income. So yes, it is frustrating to give half of what you earn to an intermediary but unfortunately it is the same on all reference porn webcam platforms. We therefore recommend that you do not focus too much on commissions to determine which platform pays camgirls the best but rather think about what they offer you for this price. Since they reason in percentage, their interest is to make you earn a maximum.

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Which cam site pays camgirls the most?

If we had to summarize our list of sites that pay the best for webcams, our podium would be as follows:

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  1. Chaturbate : Leading site, it will bring you French but also international customers. This is the site that the stars of the porn webcam world choose.
  2. XloveCams : Our favorite site. Less known than Chaturbate, he is known to benefit from a community of very loyal fans. Camgirls forge real bonds with their clients and can very quickly win a lot with private shows.To register, their Xmodels platform is at your disposal.
  3. Cam4 : One of the best known in France. The community is not crazy and the camgirls are not always treated well but the French fans can be generous. To test