Some tips to improve your profile on dating sites

· Some tips to improve your profile on dating sites


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If you have a profile on dating sites and it doesn’t work hard, you may want to improve it. The scientific journal Evidence Based Medicine has compiled 86 studies on the mechanisms of attraction from a psychological and sociological point of view and has drawn practical advice to apply to improve your profile on dating sites.

Choosing the right name for your profile

tips to improve dating site profile

A few simple tips will allow you to dramatically improve your results on dating sites.

The first thing to choose when creating your profile on a dating site is your name / nickname. According to the researchers, the nickname used for your profile must start with a letter located in the first half of the alphabet. A name beginning with this type of letter would unconsciously be synonymous with social and professional success and would therefore be more attractive. In a more pragmatic way, researchers also indicate that dating site profiles are often listed alphabetically and that you will therefore benefit from having a nickname starting with one of the first letters of the alphabet. In the opposite direction, be aware that people choosing similar nicknames tend to attract each other. If you have noticed that girls with short profile names often seduce you more so you will have to opt for a short pseudonym also to attract them more easily.

Take care of the description of your profile without being pretentious

By writing your dating site profile description you will have to distinguish yourself from others without doing too much. Studies show that profiles using overly complicated words repel contenders, so keep it simple without being simplistic. If you put forward a quality do not forget to illustrate it. Are you generous? Talk about your volunteering actions. You are funny? Make those who will read your text laugh. There are too many profiles on dating sites for other singles to just take your word for it. In your profile description don’t be afraid of poetry. We the first we could have found it cheesy or risky but the studies are formal, poetry favors the entries in relationship and the profiles using it are more successful than the others on the dating sites.

Beyond your profile, choose the right dating site

Taking care of your profile is necessary but not sufficient. If you do not frequent the right dating site having a perfect profile will not be enough. So choose a dating site that matches your expectation to be sure not to waste time with people not looking for the same thing as you.

Now that you know everything, all you have to do is work a little on your profile and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the dating sites that suit you. Good luck!